Club Members

John Weekes

Club President

Years flying: 46 years Favorite Plane: Focke Wulf 190A-8 Favorite Heli: Sikorsky UH-60 Blackhawk Favorite RC Quote: "Turn and Burn"

David Asquini

Club Secretary

Years flying: Since 1992 Favorite Plane: Anything Large Favorite Quote: "its a good when landings equal take offs"

Mike Torunski

Club VP

Started Flying: 1997 Favorite Plane: Cap 580 Favorite Heli: Favorite RC Quote: " I have a need for speed"

Dan McQuade

Memberships and Treasurer

Years flying: Not enough to be good Favorite Plane: the red one.. no the orange one.. no it’s the red one Favorite Heli: Airwolf Favorite RC Quote: Deadstick….no wait…. I’m OK

Dave Hammond

Field Manager and past prez

Years Flying: 25 (Past ARCC President) Favorite Plane: Slick 540 Favorite RC Quote: The Other Right Rudder!

Dom Gravel

Chief Flight Instructor

Years flying Favorite airplane: Favorite Heli Favorite RC Quote:

Bob Johnston

Flight Instructor

Started Flying: 2010 Favorite Airplane: Detritic extra 260 Favorite Heli: What are those? Favorite RC Quote: Takeoff optional, landing mandatory Always think about that when the wind is up. It getting it down that hurts.

Matt McGuire

Web Communications

Started Flying: 2010 Favorite Plane: 50cc 3DHS Extra 330 Favorite Helli: Trex 700e DFC Favorite RC Quote: Fly Low it makes crashes cheaper

Andrew Thompson


Years Flying: 7 Favorite Plane: 87" Thunder Tiger Yak54. Favorite Heli: Trex 250

Darren Wilson


Years Flying: 1.5 years Favorite Plane: Cessnas185 Sky Wagon Favorite RC Quote: The key to maintaining a happy, healthy relationship alongside an active RC flight hobby is to always be the first to the door when the UPS man arrives.

Kevin Denton


Years Flying: 35 Favorite Plane: 3.1m Sukhoi SU-26MM

Rob Hammond

Master Chef

Years flying: 24 Favorite Plane: Carden Edge 540 Favorite Heli: Align Trex 600E Favorite RC Quote: Fly Safe, Fly Hard, it is only the last foot of altitude that really hurts!

Dave Blaedow


Started flying: 2013 Favorite Plane: Spitfire Favorite Heli: Huey Favorite RC Quote: A good day at the field is a day that the plane comes home in one piece.

Tyler Palmer

Member - Team Great Hobbies

Years flying: 6 Favorite Plane: Extreme Flight 110" Yak 54 Favorite Heli: Trex 550 Favorite RC Quote:

Martin Passfield


Years Flying: Favorite Airplane: Favorite Heli: Favorite RC Quote:

Bill Gallinger


Years Flying: 2 Favorite Airplane: Favorite Heli: Favorite RC Quote:

David Rees

Member - Team Great Hobbies

Years flying: 23 (I think) Favorite Plane: Paper Favorite Heli: Blade mCX

Peter Kramar


Years flying: Favorite Plane: Favorite Heli:

Fred Zufelt

Member - Team Dynamic Hobbies

Years Flying: 22 flying RC Favorite Airplane: GEE BEE, Cessna 310 Favorite Heli: JRP Vibe 50 Nitro Favorite RC quote: Take offs are optional, landings are mandatory

Chris Malcomnson

MAAC Zone Director

Years flying: Favorite Plane: Favorite Heli:

Dave Penchuk


Years Flying: 50 + Favorite Airplane: As long as they behave, their all my favorites Favorite Heli: Bell UH-1N Twin Huey Favorite RC quote: The weathers nice, anyone going

Ken Park


Years flying 36 Favorite airplane: JTM 90mm EDF Viperjet Favorite RC Quote: Got sunshine - Go Flying

Johanne Chayer


Starting Flying: 2014 Favorite aircraft: F4U Corsair Favorite RC quote: Any day is a good day to. fly

Chris Robinson


Starting Flying: Favorite aircraft: Favorite RC quote:

Jeff Daly


Starting Flying: 1981 Favorite aircraft: F-4E Phantom II Favorite RC quote: Any landing is a good landing.

Mike Ingham


Starting Flying: 1992 Favorite aircraft: Giant Robin and Giant Hots Favorite Pastime: Keeping Rob Hammond Honest

Brian Buchanan


Started Flying: Favorite Aircraft: Favorite RC Quote:

Gudmond Thompson


Started Flying: 1994 Favorite Aircraft: 7.1 meter ASW 22

Tyler Varga


Started Flying: 2017 Favorite Aircraft: Nextstar Favorite Heli: Trex 470

Anton Lebar


Started Flying: 2017 Favorite Aircraft: Nextstar