Spring Club Meeting

Thanks to the many members who showed up on Saturday to lend a hand with the field prep. We also held our semi-annual club meeting while folks munched on hamburgers and hotdogs.
Here is a summary of the meeting:
• The MAAC Lifetime Achievement Award has been bestowed on Dave Penchuk for his decades of involvement and activity within the hobby. Congratulations Dave! The award will be presented to Dave by our Zone Director Chris later in the summer.
• There are a number of new members to the club including several very experienced local flyers such as Rob Brun Del Re, Paul Penna, and Colin Sutherland – all of whom fly gliders as well as other model types. The membership welcomes all new members to the club.
• After serving for several years as the club Treasurer and Memberships Coordinator, Dave Blackwell will be stepping down to put more focus on his many interests and projects. Thanks Dave for all of your tireless efforts in support of the membership! Dan McQuade will be taking on this role and the Executive look forward to Dan joining the team and contributing to the operation of the club. Thanks Dan for stepping up!
• The club is in solid financial shape. Details will not be posted on an open website. Please contact any member of the Executive for further information.
• The main projects for this year are to 1) build steps and a landing at the rear of the storage trailer for easy access,2) create a countertop at the cooking area for food preparation and serving at events, and 3) further develop the club website to serve as the primary vehicle for communications. This is a work-in-progress that will likely include a members’ area so that the membership can receive email communiqué from the website.
• Wednesday evening student training will resume on May 5th. Student pilots and their instructors take priority at the field on training nights. Many thanks to Dom and all of our many fixed wing and heli instructors for their ongoing commitment to pilot training and instruction.
• The main events for the 2015 flying season were reviewed. Please see the events section of the club website for details.
• Other business: It was suggested that the club purchase a larger BBQ to handle the food at the main events. The Executive agrees with this suggestion. This BBQ will be stored in the trailer (without tank) and the smaller BBQ (donated several years ago by Mike Torunski) will continue to be available for members’ use at other times. The Executive is also looking into purchasing proper security locks for the storage trailer.

John Weekes
President, ARCC