We are Open But…..
  1. The ARCC field will be open for normal flying starting with COVID-related restrictions.
  2. NEW: Masks must be worn except when you are flying your model; max 5 people at the field (first-in-first-out as required to avoid exceeding the limit).
  3. All seasonally applicable Provincial COVID rules are still in effect. The key ones are:
    1. Stay home if you have any symptoms or if you have to self-isolate; follow city guidelines for testing and self isolation.
    2. Always maintain 6ft/2m distancing. It is easy to be distracted and forget.
    3. Follow good hand cleaning practices.
  4. . Washrooms are closed. We cannot sanitize between users.

As a club, we have done a very good job of remaining compliant with provincial and local orders, while still managing to enjoy our hobby.

Enjoy some spring flying, and stay safe and vigilant. Please do not hesitate to contact any of the Executive if you have any questions or concerns.

ARCC Executive

Updated: April 8th, 2021