Upcoming Release of Canadian Aviation Regulations

Some changes coming down the piple line for all those who fly FPV. Check out the letter that was just emailed to all MAAC Members. So important to keep supporting MAAC so they the board can fight for our right to fly safely. Below is a copy of the letter sent by MAAC

As the new Transport Canada UAS regulations are expected to be published in Canada Gazette II in the next few weeks, your MAAC leadership thought it appropriate to provide an update.

Firstly is should be comforting to the membership to know that MAAC representatives have been part of the regulatory development process for over a decade, ensuring that the privileges we have long enjoyed were protected while at the same time contributing to creation of an effective regulatory regime that is intended to keep all aviation in Canada safe. Although the soon to be published regulations have been amended from some of the original work and the version released in Canada Gazette I last summer, MAAC continues to work hard to protect the hobby that we all enjoy.
Click here to download the document that provides some important information and updates that we hope will be of benefit and will make the transition to the new regulatory scheme seamless.

Best regards,

The Board of Directors of MAAC & MAAC Transport Canada Advisory Group